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  • HH_aaa_2019
    Announcing the 2019 Alumni Achievement Award recipients
    This year's field includes a former police officer, a pilot, an executive director of a non-profit and an academic


  • HH_small_business_roundtable
    Event looks for ways to boost economy
    Business communities should be integrated into business schools


  • HH_allium
    MRU grads serve up sociology
    Trendy eatery The Allium is a worker-co-operative


  • HH_file_share
    The dark side of file sharing
    Sharing work online could lead to unintended consequences


  • HH_women_in_business
    Breaking barriers for women in business
    First-ever Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Summit in Canada celebrated at MRU


Paramedics gain professional development at MRU

Flexible, focused program delivered online and in the community

Queen Elizabeth Scholars return from overseas practicums

Physical literacy students benefit from access to international internships

From Kobe to Calgary

International student makes Mount Royal philosophy her own

Spend a semester abroad and change your life

Follow your passion wherever you are

"A new-found sense of self"

Mexico field school solidifies love of culture and chosen career

Honouring Mount Royal's fallen students

Celebrate their lives by giving to students of the future

Rooted in YYC

Mount Royal grad grows local food and business

This is research at Mount Royal

Mount Royal University's professors are connecting with industry partners and their communities to challenge long-held beliefs, improve student wellness and introduce progressive policies for workplaces and the planet